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This community is made primarily for Filipinas, living in their native country of Philippines to those that have made their home overseas, in the states or elsewhere in the world. Here you can chat with your fellow pinays, make friends, talk and have fun.

- If your not a pinay and a pinoy, you can still join the community. If your not filipino, and are interested in the philippines and the culture, you can also join the community.

- This community is NOT for people who are looking for women. Likewise, this isn't a community for people to post their personal dating ads in. People with asian fetishes and asianphiles need NOT apply. If I find out, you will be deleted.

- You may express opinions and idead freely but please have respect and be mindful of other members of the community. Also, you will not be deleted for starting conflicts, but it would be good if you didn't start one in the first place, yes?

- Advertising other communities are allowed, but you may only post that community once. Posting the same advertisement more than one time will be considered spam, you will be deleted.

- Photos are always welcome, but please put all photos under a LJ cut otherwise your post will be deleted. You may put a few sample photos outside of the cut.